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Q: What if glitter goes in my eye?
A: All Lit colours are made from a rounded plastic so you will never have to worry about the glitter irritating your eyes. Loose colour and glitter becomes a controlled product once the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ is added. With proper application one won’t have to worry about getting glitter in your eyes.

Q: What happens if the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ seeps into my eyes?
A: The Base will not harm your eyes in any way. A fast and easy method to absorb the base out of the eye area is with a cotton swab or tissue and then continue application. Otherwise, flush eye with H2O.

Q: What if the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ gets ingested?
A: Well, it doesn't taste that good (we know this from experience) but it won't harm you in any way.

Q: Where does glitter come from?
A: A big glitter tree!

Q: Can people under the age of nine wear Lit?
A: Of course! Eyelid application is not recommended, however we do have customers under the age of nine that apply Lit to themselves and wear it perfectly. To be on the safe side, we do recommend that anybody under the age of 9 have parent supervision.

Q: Why does my shimmer look lumpy and dull after application?
A: The shimmer was simply applied to your eyelid too thick. All shimmers are meant to be applied light and fanned out; i.e. using a little extra Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ and less glitter on your brush making the product easier to spread out to get proper shimmer effect.

Q: Will the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ go bad?
A: The base will never go bad but we do recommend you replace it every 12-24 months. The base will eventually get cloudy and gunky due to colour and glitter contamination.

Q: Can you apply makeup over Lit?
A: Lit is a makeup enhancer. If other products were applied over Lit it would simply lose sparkle and colour. Lit actually keeps your base makeup on longer and prevents it from creasing or rubbing off.

Q: How long will my glitter pot last?
A: It will last probably 2-5 years depending on usage and spillage - it will never go bad.

Q: How long will my "Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™" last?
A: 30ml will last 1-3 years. 4ml will last 4-6 months.

Q: Why do some glitter shades react with my skin while other colors are perfectly fine?
A: People with super sensitive skin usually can't wear purples and reds in eye shadows, eyeliners and even glitter. It has something to do with the pigment, however the majority of people are fine with these shades.

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