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Why is Lit the Best?

Over time, Lit Cosmetics has recognized the problems in other glitter products and has continually worked hard on perfecting our product and application process, this is why "Lit is the best".

Lit Compared to Other Products

Unlike similar products, Lit Cosmetics is made with all natural ingredients and prides itself in being water based, alcohol free (alcohol is a big, "no no" in cosmetics), paraben free, and Propylene Glycol free. We stand 100% behind our products.

The Glitter Smackdown

See what a blogger has to say about Lit Cosmetics versus Eye Kandy!

To watch the video, please pause the music at the top of this page first.

Product Comparisons

Tube (Paint On) Style Glitter

Glitter Eye Shadows

Cream Based Glitter

Glitter Eyeliners