• Chelsea Louder (Glitter Mix)
  • Chelsea Louder (Glitter Mix)
  • Chelsea Louder (Glitter Mix)

Chelsea Louder (Glitter Mix)


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Lit Cosmetics is excited to work with our favorite and most talented "Glitter Guyz and Galz" in the World of Professional Makeup. We introduce to you our 7th Glitter PRO of the year = Chelsea Louder!! 

This Glitter Mix is meant to mimic a Moonstone - the sparkle challenge was on! After going through many Glitter samples we finally came up with a winner!!  Chelsea's custom mix consists of Violet, Blue and translucent shimmers with hits of Pink, Ocean Blue with a Satin Pink shade shift. I can look at this shade alllllll day long - YA!!

A note from Chelsea: "Everything I learned was through YouTube tutorials, watching creators like Jaclyn Hill and Shaaanxo 8 years ago. I've worked in makeup retail for the last 7 years, and my next goal is to work in social media marketing for beauty brands. My signature look (on clients and myself) requires a little bit of sparkle! Lit Cosmetics has every single glitter shade and size you could imagine, and that is why they are my favorite glitter brand!"

A loose, high-sparkle cosmetic grade glitter, which casts maximum light reflection. Lit's cosmetic glitter is a "Rounded" glitter shape opposed to a "Square" or "Diamond" shape to aid in complete comfort on skin surface also giving you a smooth application.

After you pick your shades of glitter makeup (we know it’s hard to decide)…grab your glitter glue. A vegan glitter glue that feels like water but keeps glitter and any loose makeup secured all day long!

Cruelty-free & coveted by pro makeup artists. Make it a Lit Kit! Base/Glue, Brush, Sparkle Wand + a glitter or metallic shade all in one

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