The birth of Lit Cosmetics

The idea for Lit started back in 2001 when Jodie Perks, the brain child behind Lit Cosmetics, began slinging drinks in the hottest clubs across the city of Calgary. Having always been a fan of fun makeup and all things that go "bling, bling" is why this glitter line was BORN, and this is how it happened.

After shopping around, Jodie was surprised to see that there were no decent glitter products to be found, so she knew it was time to take these “glitter matters” into her own hands. Long hours turning into weeks, then into months of testing in her top secret “glitter dungeon”, evaluating all the pros and cons, she exposed a number of flaws; the most obvious being the application process, comfort, and staying power.

With time and determination, Jodie developed a whole new application method that stays in place, is comfortable, and keeps the brilliant glitter shine. Since 2002, Lit Cosmetics is now not only a bar-star product, but has grown into a makeup that can be worn by anyone of any age at anytime. And that’s how Lit was born!

Why Lit is Different

"No glitter, no glory" is our motto. Fun, yet true. Lit simply specializes in glitter/loose color makeup which is known as = "glitterology" (the science of glitter). With our liquid adhesive now perfected, we have broken down our loose color into 4 different sizes and 4 different varieties.

Remember: There are no rules when it comes to Lit! From a single color highlighter to having a 10 shade blend over your shadows - we dare you. Let the fun begin, and your creativity soar!


Other than wanting to "glitter the world" it has always been our dream to change the way people perceive or think about glitter makeup. Our vision was to create a good quality, sexy new makeup line unlike any other, that was fun, exciting, easy to use, and suitable for everyone. Whether it's a day at the office or a special night out, glitter is the perfect compliment to your look. Get noticed, get confident - get Lit!


Hello fellow Lit Chicks (and we can't forget about those Lit Dudes out there), it is now time to have fun and be creative with your makeup, accessories, and style, and to realize that girls just want to have fun (as Cyndi Lauper preached to us in the 80's). We've all finally come to the realization that indeed life is way too short to be boring or to simply be bored. Don't be one of those girls who says, "Oh, that looks great on her but I could never pull it off." You know who you are - break though and be bold, be beautiful!

This next bit of information may sound a little odd but it's true: glitter is good for the soul! Something happens when you add a little glitter to your day. It gives you a smile a good energy and simply pumps you up and makes you feel glam, bam, thank you ma'am!

So give Lit Cosmetics a try and enjoy everything you get out of it. My final piece of advice for you is to stay young and try not to take things so seriously all the time. So “Get Lit” and always remember, "No Glitter, No Glory!"