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Glitter Camo "Sergeant Sparkle" (White) Glitter Camo "Sergeant Sparkle" (White) QUICK VIEW

Glitter Camo "Sergeant Sparkle" (White)


First product in our new luxury "Glitter and Go" series = one step body glitter gel application for intense Glitter Highlights. Sergeant Sparkle G...
California Soul Size #3 Glitter (Shimmer) California Soul Size #3 Glitter (Shimmer) QUICK VIEW

California Soul Size #3 Glitter (Shimmer)


Coral orange cosmetic glitter shimmer with yellow sparks. Like a sound you hear that lingers in your ear but you can't forget from Sundow to Sunset...
Ka-Boom! Electric | Glitter Ka-Boom! Electric | Glitter QUICK VIEW

Ka-Boom! Electric | Glitter


Neon Yellow Electric Glitter, with an orange / yellow sparkle.  Every angle is a different shine from hits of glitter to silky shine. Electrics wil...
Island Girl Size #2 Glitter (Solid) Island Girl Size #2 Glitter (Solid) QUICK VIEW

Island Girl Size #2 Glitter (Solid)


Bronze glitter makeup with hints of orange and yellow sparkles. She is as black as coal, but she burns like a fire! A loose, high-sparkle cosmetic...
Ziggy Stardust Size #3 Glitter (Shimmer) Ziggy Stardust Size #3 Glitter (Shimmer) QUICK VIEW

Ziggy Stardust Size #3 Glitter (Shimmer)


Medium yellow glitter makeup with a rainbow halo. David Bowie's ultra ego Ziggy Stardust "Ziggy played for time, jiving us that we were voodoo." A...
Porcelain Size #3 Solid Porcelain Size #3 Solid QUICK VIEW

Porcelain Size #3 Solid


A creamy, porcelain white glitter eyeshadow with gold sparkles.  This has 25% real Silver!!! Porcelain is one of the hottest drag queens going! A l...

Lit Cosmetics vision is to 'Glitter the World' by offering the largest selection of premium vegan and cruelty-free glitter makeup and eyeshadows. We're changing the way people perceive and use glitter makeup by creating top quality, sexy makeup that’s easy to use, fun and suitable for everyone. Whether it’s a day at the office or a special night out, Lit’s collection of premium glitter cosmetics is versatile and compliments any look. Get noticed, get confident – get Lit!

Founded in 2002, Lit has become a trusted brand, featured by top retailers like Sephora, Bloomingdales and Beautylish, and used by Cirque du Soleil and some of the world’s top makeup artists.

Explore our complete collection of over 200 shades & sizes of glitter makeup, three cosmetic glitter glue formulas, tool and kits.

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