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GAGA (Glitter Mix)


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Lit Cosmetics is celebrating our favorite women of all time and "The Mother of all Monsters" La, La, Rah, Rah, Rah, = GA GA GA!

  MISS GAGA definitely deserves to be highlighted and celebrated for the month of May and every day beyond that. She is a song writer, singer, actor, piano player, trend setter, fashion icon and I'm pretty sure she can dance to any tune (ummmm....go-go dancer in New York’s Lower East Side) this "Mother of Monsters" is a Quadruple Threat!

Cuz baby I was born this way - this dark and seductive shade was inspired by GAGA's 2 x favorite colors = Lavender and Black with pops of purple shimmer reflect = OF COURSE!! Made by the Queen of Glitter herself.  All of our sparkle sizes, types and textures giving you maximum coverage and sparkle (Unique to Lit).

FUN GLITTER FACTS: OK this woman, like..... wore a meat dress and was brought into an award show in an egg that hatched - HAVE I SAID ENOUGH? No I haven't - ha ha ha. Did you know that GAGA has worn Lit? YUP = she wore Firecracker size #4 at the Superbowl half time Show MUA Sarah Tanno (image below). Oh and I LOVE her even more after serenading with Tony Bennett = old school greatness needs to be highlighted and appreciated and she definitely gets that. Oh ya and one more thing = When she was in college, someone created a Facebook group called “Stefani Germanotta, you will never be famous.” - wonder what that Debbie Downer is up to lately

makeup look by @NicoleLemosMUA

A loose, high-sparkle cosmetic grade glitter which casts maximum light reflection. All our glitter makeup is a "Rounded" glitter shape opposed to a "Square" or "Diamond" shape to aid in complete comfort on skin surfaces, also giving you a smooth application.

After you pick your shades (we know it’s hard to decide)…grab your glitter glue. A cosmetic adhesive that feels like water but keeps glitter and any loose makeup secured all day long! Coveted by pro makeup artists.

Make it a Lit Kit! Base/Glue, Brush, Sparkle Wand + a glitter or metallic shade all in one starter kit to get started!

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