• Shine Like it Does (Glitter Mix)
  • Shine Like it Does (Glitter Mix)
  • Shine Like it Does (Glitter Mix)

Shine Like it Does (Glitter Mix)


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This shade reminds me of a PERFECT summer day = a soft orange tone, the shade of that yummy summer popsicle that we all crave on a hot day. A custom blend of golds, oranges, pastel rainbow hues with a primary gold holographic reflect - just to "crazy" it up a bit (custom mix by the Queen of Glitter).  All of our sparkle sizes, products and textures mixed into one shade, giving you maximum coverage and dimension (Unique to Lit). 


makeup look by @MascaraMasquerade 

A loose, high-sparkle cosmetic grade glitter, which casts maximum light reflection. Lit's cosmetic glitter is a "Rounded" glitter shape opposed to a "Square" or "Diamond" shape to aid in complete comfort on skin surface also giving you a smooth application.

After you pick your shades of glitter makeup (we know it’s hard to decide)…grab your glitter glue. A vegan glitter glue that feels like water but keeps glitter and any loose makeup secured all day long!

Cruelty-free & coveted by pro makeup artists. Make it a Lit Kit! Base/Glue, Brush, Sparkle Wand + a glitter or metallic shade all in one starter kit.

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