Lit Cosmetics Mention in the LA Times

Posted: May 17 2019


May 24-26 Lit will be at Rupaul's DragCon Los Angeles. 

How excited are we to be mentioned in the LA Times article:

How RuPaul’s DragCon became big business for the beauty industry

Customer experience is also top of mind for Lit Cosmetics, a leader in body and face glitter known for a bestselling product called Daily Wear Glitter Base. From the company’s inception, in 2002, it noticed orders for some of its wildest colors coming from individuals in disparate, seemingly random locations. They soon realized those customers were drag queens.

Lit has always catered to a niche customer — the company supplies glitter to Cirque du Soleil productions worldwide — but as YouTube and then Instagram became ubiquitous, the company saw a marked uptick in more mainstream, everyday customers. Founder Jodie Perks (she prefers the title “glitter boss”) views DragCon as an opportunity to interact with customers, get feedback on products and promote new launches. “It’s kind of like a little family,” she said.

 Read the full article here

And come visit us at DragCon! 

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