Lit X DragCon LA 2019

Posted: May 29 2019

What a ride! If you've never been to DragCon, it's time you get it in your calendar. We've been doing this show for a while now and we can't tell you how much fun we have. So much, we had to share our photos with you. 

A huge thanks to everyone who came by the booth to say hello and GET LIT! See you at the next DragCon. 

Monique Heart (Brown Cow STUNNING): 




Monet X Change (purse / Lit -first):

Lorna Prietta (after coming face-to-face with Road Runner): 

The Queen of Blending and Latrice Royale (EAT IT!)

Layla McQueen + Lauren Elyse (Love this KIKI)

India Ferrah (serving some Marilyn realness): 

Eva Young (Shante, you stay): 

Art Simone (Drag Race Ready!):

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