Our Mission to Glitter the World, and everyone is invited.

Posted: May 25 2018


    It has been far too long for us to put down a few thoughts about what Lit is about.  We hope to introduce you to our world of Glitter if this is your first time visiting the site, and if returning we welcome you back;)

What inspires and what catches our attention is part of what we hope to share.  After just completing a cross county and across the Ocean trade show period it is about time that we do a little Glitter talking.  We would like to get more in depth with product knowledge / tips and tricks that we have learned on this Glitter voyage.

We are doing a little Glitter test here with this "Blog", our manager wants us to put it up we personally can not understand just how a "blog" helps our business but we have been wrong before.  So, if anyone is reading we are going to give you a

Password ="Lit Blog"

This will give you one of our new Electrics Beyond Pink with any online order when typed into the suggestion / comment box during checkout.   Any questions or need help you can reach me on my email at james@litcosmetics.com



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